2C PU Ultra Fast Black

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2C PU Ultra Fast Black
​Product description
Zettex 2C Black Ultra Fast is a very fast curing, easy to use structural 2-part polyurethane adhesive which cures by a chemical reaction of the two components forming a durable bond resistant to elevated temperature, moisture, fuel, many solvents and chemicals. Zettex 2C Black Ultra Fast is specially designed for small, quick, durable bonding and repair jobs. The use of 2C Black Ultra Fast yields a fast turnaround due to early sanding and painting capability.


• Good sag resistance properties
• Allowing vertical application
• Excellent gap filling properties
• Small, Quick and Durable.
• Great repairing properties. 
• 50ml duo-tube
• 25ml duo-tube
​Application instructions
- 2C Black Ultra Fast adhesive system has been designed for ease of dispensing with both hand-held manual and pneumatic applicator tools. To assure an on ratio dispense we recommend levelling the pistons by placing the opened cartridge in the dispenser and purge till material starts to flow from both cartridge chambers prior to attaching the mixer. After attaching the mixer tip (we recommend to only use the mixer tips included in the package; additional mixer tips can be ordered from Zettex Europe BV) and loading the cartridge into the dispense tool, pull the trigger at a constant and steady rate to force both prepolymer and curative through the mixer tip. It is recommended to discard the first 25 to 50 mm of dispensed material as it may be off-ratio. Sufficiently mixed on-ratio adhesive has a uniform black colour, is creamy, smooth and glossy.

-The material in the mixer will become very difficult or impossible to dispense at about one-half of the open time. Either keep material flowing through the mixer during short periods of time adhesive is not needed or replace the mixer prior restarting dispense.

-After having finished dispensing, leave the mixer in place till 2C Black Ultra Fast shall be used again. The remainder of the adhesive will have a shelf life of several weeks if stored properly. To start using 2C Black Ultra Fast again, remove the static mixer and dispose of properly. Carefully clean the cartridge nozzle, the products in the two chambers must be cleanly separated. If there is any black-tan mixing on either side dispense some product out of the openings with no mixer tip attached, until only single component product resides in each chamber. Finally attach a new mixer and start dispensing.
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Check out our Technichal Data Sheet to see more specifications.
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